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.Monday, August 10, 2009 ' 10:38 PM Y
I have moved!!! Please view:



.Sunday, August 09, 2009 ' 11:30 AM Y
Ahh, not feeling well since morning.. dunno what happen but somehow having slight tummy discomfort and headache..

Anyway, time flies and its august alr.. HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!!

Nothing much for the past week.. Din apply for any trails this week as i wanna take a break after 3 hectic weeks of trails.. Im changing job soon.. haha.. looking forward to 26th Aug!! More trails next week.. science centre, vivo, kampong glam.. blablabla..

Was out with DD, Peggy and HuiShan on Friday! Basically we did nothing much, shopped ard at bugis and zi cha dinner at bukit panjang! Each of us bought something.. i got myself a pair of shorts, DD, got himself a t-shirt, huishan and peggy got themselves each a tanktop! Was out with DD at bottle tree park ytd.. had dinner there.. the food there is super EX!! A simple dinner can cost you $51.20!!! Took the boat ride ytd.. which caused my sandals to be so damn wet! Saw yueqi and her bf while boating around..

Ive got lottas photos topost actually, but unfortunately, blogger doesnt seem to allow me to post.. wth!! Too bad!!

Alright, going to nua around b4 going out later and bbq at ecp later at night!! :):)


.Sunday, July 26, 2009 ' 10:54 PM Y
very very busy these few weeks! office, zenitant, outings, bla bla bla..

Brought kcpp p5 students for a sungei buloh trail on the 15th and 16th july.. The trail is damn tiring by the way.. the students get so excited when they see monitor lizards, so excited that they drifted away at times just becoz of the lizard.. BBQ-ed last weekend at DD's place.. we bought lots of hotdogs... so much that we cant finish..

This week, i brought North Vista Sec 1 students for a singapore river trail on the 24th... I love that bunch of students, noisy yet easy to control, and they are quite smart in their math! Watched "murderer" this week too.. nice storyline! Then today, dd and i went wild wild wet! Our first time there.. quite fun.. but i dun think i will go back there again since ive played all the stations!

Last week was a sinful week... Got myself a pair of sneakers, 2 tanktops, 1 pair of jeans and 4 blouses.. woahhhh. Start saving up, jieying!!!

Next week is equally busy too.. Got to go back office tmr, wed and fri. Hort Park training tmr. Hort Park trails on tues and thurs..

I dun want august to come......


.Sunday, July 12, 2009 ' 11:21 AM Y
Picture taken during the farewell dinner for jocelyn at maxwell food centre.

waiting for my lunch.. so here i come blogging..

Last week was a disappointment.. supposed to have four trails namely at vivo, esplanade and labrador, but all four were postponed, due to H1N1.. Hopefully next week wun be liddat.. Anyway, its just another busy week.. lots of work to settle in office, trainings for the trails, bla bla bla.. Watched "obsessed"on friday.. not really nice, was quite boring especially the middle part.

Yesterday, jeep came over to my house. It was his first time over at my house.. ahh.. pardon me for being a lousy host, as you know, i dun really invite pple over to my place so hence the poor hospitality.. but haiz, as usual, mum said lots of stuffs to me just now, kinda unpleasant to my ears. I promise i will do a better job next time. We left at ard 6 plus, headed down to maxwell food centre for a farewell dinner for jocelyn. She is going over to switzerland soon for 2 yrs! Bon voyage! Din join them for the ktv later at night.. so me and jeep walked ard chinatown b4 going back home.

Going to escape theme park later! Since ive got some free tickets! yay!!

I seriously prefer to paktou outside than to be at home. No stress at least..


.Monday, July 06, 2009 ' 11:48 PM Y

Was at Morris Allen for the past 4 days for a temp assignment. They asked me to continue doing but i rejected them... coz it eats into my night time for weekdays and my entire morning and afternoon for weekends.. ahha. I still prefer working at the normal office hours.

My phone is giving me problems again.. my samsung, then to DD's nokia, then to eugene's motorola.. AHHHH.. now im left with my first nokia phone, 6610.. I seriously need a new phone and a new mobile plan.. coz my mobile bill is freaking high.. hehe.

Lots of work to complete recently.. im so tired! This wed is the vivo trail for the primary 3 kids, i hope it will just be fine. * keeps my finger cross!*

I need more rest! At least my injured toe is getting way better than last week...


.Friday, June 26, 2009 ' 8:15 PM Y
This week is more or lest a relax one for me.. Went office for two days, and the rest of the three days were my slacking days at home!!

Some pictures taken last week, my wonderful weekend!

2oth June: Henderson waves plus Vivo

21st June: Sentosa

Weekend is coming again! yay!! ITAC meeting plus BBQ tmr, and sunday will be for deardear! Next week will be a busy week for me.. Chalet plus more work!!
I love my family, friends and my superboy!! :):)


.Friday, June 19, 2009 ' 10:42 PM Y
Im in a happy mood today! lalalallalala!

First and foremost, pictures pictures!! Its taken during peiling's 20th birthday celebration. Those who came were: Myself, DD, PeiLing (Bdae girl), Sherman, Sandy, Vampy, Peggy, Yvonne and Ben (who only met us for a short while). Dinner at mahattan, shopping at the central and chilling at Eski Bar before home sweet home. I only upload a few here, others are found on my fb, just too lazy to upload all here.

Im sooo high high today. Ive got a new spare phone today! Thanks to Eugene! Its a motorola phone, small and sleek. Just so pretty and suitable for me! Watched 2 movies this week.. "Drag me to hell" and "Ghost of the girlfriend past". I also watched "17 again"on DD's com, but its so damn boring for me..

Im so excited for the weekend!! Henderson wave and Sentosa!!! Yeepeeee!!



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